SNTalent enters Germany and Brazil with local partners

11-04-2012 |
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SNTalent finds job opportunities in the international market. The professionals’ 2.0 recruitment platform, created in 2009 by Ivan Sala, entered the German and Brazilian markets in collaboration with local partners. SNTalent expects to reach one million Euros turnover this year due to the business generated by the two new subsidiaries, says Ignacio Fonts, CEO of Inveready First Capital I, a venture capital firm that is a shareholder of the company. The technology company, which had revenues of 350.000 Euros in 2011 and 140.000 Euros in 2010, is specialized in capturing and selecting executives and technical profiles.

Local partners have become SNTalent`s strategy to internationalize. The company has expanded in Brazil with the Brazilian business consulting firm Loyalty, which controls 35% stake in the Latin American subsidiary. In Germany, the partner is a manager who holds 10% of the subsidiary. SNTalent wants to consolidate but also considers "entering Norway, China, Mexico and Chile by the end of this year," says Sala, "and increase capital between three and five millions in September".


The company has been able to internationalize after capturing 1.2 million Euros in its first capital increase, which was closed between April and June of 2011. The venture capital firm Inveready First Capital led the operation with Fem Ona, along with the participation of Sputnik, some business angels from Keiretsu Forum, and equity loans from Empresa Nacional de Innovación (ENISA) and the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI). The promoters have 52% of the capital while the rest is distributed between Inveready (22%), Sputnik (12%), FemOna (9%) and private investors (5%).

The firm has 22 employees at the headquarters in Travessera de Gracia in Barcelona, ??two in Germany and three in Brazil.

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